Perak Trip

(2 Days 1 Night Trip)

This is my first short trip in 2017. I start my journey on Saturday morning 7.30am and move to RnR Jejantas Sg Buloh for having breakfast. After all tummies are full :p we continue our journey to Teluk Intan for visiting The Leaning Tower (Menara Condong). We arrive at Teluk Intan at 11.30am.


After taken about thousand photos we continue our journey to Batu Gajah for visiting Kellie's Castle. We arrive here at 1.50pm. Yeap 1.50pm for taking photos??? I bet you guys can guess how it is the weather at this time.

And yes I still stick with my decision/plan for having some photosss there :p

Everyone seems like feels so exhausted and we suggest for make a next move to fill in our tummies happily. Our first location for food hunting is at Kafe Setinggan, Jalan Margosa Ipoh for having the famous food in Ipoh which is Laksa Telur Bersarang/Laksa Sarang Burung or whatever it is. Btw, there are 3 different Restaurant of Laksa Sarang Burung in Ipoh. I have made some survey so I make a decision to go here since it is near Batu Gajah.

Rate for Laksa Telur Bersarang : 8/10
Price : RM4.00

It is the lunch hour, maybe i dont feel like to eat laksa because my tummy needs rice. And in front of this restaurant also got some Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah. So dont worry for those who cant or dont want eat Laksa. 

Rate for Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah : 9/10
Price : RM5.00

Tummies are full and everyone feels like sleepy and i make decision to skip all plan since the sky is going to cry and we make a move to our Hotel for having some rest.

I choose Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites.
3 Bedrooms Apartment.
Price : RM300+ per night 

Rate for Hotel : 10/10

After Maghrib and having a good rest, our tummies are making some songs inside :p We back to our plan, having dinner at Restoran Simpang Tiga, Greentown. We having a basic dinner for family like Ikan Bakar, Ikan Siakap and etc. I truly love the food! and the services are tip-top!

Rate for foods : 10/10

(DAY 2)

Day 2 in Ipoh, for breakfast I suggest to eat at Restoran New Hollywood, Taman Canning. This legend restaurant is full of people every morning for having breakfast. The Chee Cheong Fun will be always my fav! 

Rate for food : 10/10

12.00pm - We check out from hotel and still follow our plan to Concubine Lane. We bought some souvenir for a memory. We also having some cendol at the streets. The popular cendol in Ipoh, they called Cendol Abang Hensem. Sorry to say, I prefer Cendol in Masjid Tanah Melaka. It is superb mayn! How can you eat cendol without any chairs and tables? Im not comfortable with it.

Rate for Cendol: 5/10

Before heading to KL, we fill our tummies with Nasi Vanggey Ipoh. It is so delicious and i'm still craving for it. 

Rate for Nasi Vanggey : 10/10

I know trip for 2 days 1 night is not enough. Its okay Ipoh, will come back to you one day. Tambun maybe after this? :P