Bandung Trip 3D2N

Hellu! This is my third short trip in 2017. And this is my first time on board. Yeap I'm 21 and this is my first time. Hihihihi. Not bad! I just feel nervous and i think my body is not familiar with high pressure till i feel loya urgh. Im not going alone, Im going with my friend and her family. On this post i will share about the budget/expenses and itinerary for this trip :D

Letssssss go!!

7th November 2017 - We arrived in KLIA2 at 4am in the morning because our flight is at 6.40am. Everyone feels so sleepy and excited because we are free from stress and I already remove everything in my mind about work and commitment lolllllll. About 8am, we arrived at Husien Sastranegara International Airport and there is a Indon guy holding a paper that written "Fabulous 7" on it lols. The Indon guy is our driver and we call him Pak Yadi.

Pak Yadi brought us to Kampiun Restoran for having a breakfast. Around 10am, we move to our first location which is The Lodge Maribaya. Its takes about 2-3 hours to The Lodge. Sadly that day was raining heavily but we still redah for the sake of the beautiful view. We were going to the entrance by angkut-angkut (van). The entrance fee per person is within 20,000-25,000 rupiah. The view is.... Subhanallah, it is so beautiful! I couldnt explain it because the view is so perfect. Its like a fake studio background but its not. This is real.

To ride this things (i forgot what the name is), we need to pay another 10,000 rupiah per person. There are many activities that we can do here but the weather didnt allow it :(

Second activity that we did on the first day is... i think this is every women's fav.... we were going to Swati Textile. All the fabric is very cheap and beautiful! I just cannot tahan my shopping nafsu lol. Hehehehhe. Yeap its already 4pm and its still raining. After shopping, we were heading to our hotel which is Fabu Hotel Bandung. Fabu means Fabulous :P Thats why we named our group Fabulous 7 hihihihi. This hotel i rate it 8/10. Not bad. Everything is complete and the service is tiptop!

8th November 2017 - Day 2, we decide to continue our sightseeing activity but our driver, Pak Yadi suggest that day 2 is a shopping day. And we agreed with it. So yeap day 2 is "burn your money day" hihihi. After breakfast, we straightly went to Pasar Baru Trade Center. As i google, below is the list of best places to shopping in Bandung :-

Pasar Baru Trade Center
Rumah Mode
The Secret Factory Outlet
Heritage Factory Outlet
Toko Tiga Original Jeans
Cibaduyut - Shoes and leather jacket
Paris Van Java
Trans Studio Bandung
Rumah Kain Sulam
Swati Textile
Kowani Perfume
Kartika Sari

Kartika Sari is the best place to shopping ole ole. I really loved it!

9th November 2017 - Day 3, we woke up and check out early for our last day. We check out at 7am in the morning and move to our next activity. We went to Glamping Lakeside. Luckily the weather is good as our mood =D We just having a short photo shoot session and move to Kawah Putih.

Kawah Putih is a very famous place in Bandung. When youre in Bandung, visiting Kawah Putih is a must okay! and dont forget to bring a lottttt of mask. And like usual, below is the best places for sightseeing in Bandung :-

Kawah Putih
Glamping Lakeside
Strawberry Farm Ciwidey
The Lodge Maribaya
Taman Bunga Begonia
De Ranch Lembang
Farm House Lembang
Dusun Bambu
Floating Market

Time is so jealous and traffic is so bad, we didnt follow our planning due to some obstacle. Its okay. See you again, Bandung! 

For connection in Bandung, i bought Telkomsel simcard and the price is within 75,000-85,000 rupiah.
 For expenses i change RM500 and i get 1,600,000 rupiah.
Flight (return) = RM300 per person
Hotel = RM90 per person
Driver Service = RM120 per person

Last but not least, bandung is fun! I learn a lot from this trip. Macam mana pun keadaan kita sekarang, bersyukur. Sebab ada orang lagi susah daripada kita. Respect people around you! tak kira muda atau tua and be good to everyone :) Whatever it is, I will surely come back here again for shopping! Makasih orang orang Bandung sangat supportive! lols xoxo.

Any inqueries do catch me Here =P