Korea Trip 10D9N : Part I

10 November 2017 -  Day 1

Its arrival day! And we're lost..... No connection in a cold weather. I dont know how to use daily internet. And there is no sim card at any convenience store :( Luckily we were stop in front of the hotel and got the wifi connection from the hotel. Yaa if this is your first time, do buy an internet simcard at airport! Safety is number one guys!! 

11 November 2017 -  Day 2

We're having lunch at Mcdonald Myeongdong. This is Shrimp Burger and Caramel Latte~ 

Its Bukchon Hanok Village!

Insadong Street!

Poops Waffles! 

Ssanziegi Market, Insadong


Dinnerzzz :P

And dessert time @ Osulloc Tea Cafe

12 November 2017 -  Day 3

Line Friend Store @ Myeongdong!

A Twosome Place @ Myeongdong 

Nutella Banana Pancake @ Myeongdong Street 

Baked Cheese @ Myeongdong Street

Insadong Street! You guys can bought the souvenir here! Some korean people can talk in malay too! Hihihihi.

Starbucks is pronounce as "Stabok" in korea :P 

13 November 2017 -  Day 4

If youre wearing Hanbok, you can enter @ Gyeongbokgung Palace for free!
You guys can find any shop near Gyeongbokgung Station (Exit 5) for Hanbok rental service.
Mine is 20,000 won for 2 hours!