Korea Trip 10D9N : PART II

14 November 2017 -  Day 5

Its Everland! 

From the Jeondae-Everland Station, you guys can take the shuttle bus to Everland.

I love this one!

I just noticed that the tiger behind me is smiling ;'D 

I ride this one in a cold weather. Seriously this is the first and the last omg its freaking cold yu know!! 

Hot chocolate always the best!

I love this one too!

How i wish i can ride the roller coaster but it closed :(

For cheap price, you guys may booked your ticket at Klook.com 
If you bought at the everland counter it cost 50,000+ won equivalent to RM200.
Mine is RM120 per person!

15 November 2017 -  Day 6

Its Ikan Bakar Dongdaemun! On the day 6, i didnt went out because of my red flag day. Lol. 

16 November 2017 -  Day 7

At the Gapyeong Station, you guys can take the shuttle bus/taxi to Nami Island and Petite France.
I took shuttle bus and its cost 6,000 won to Namiseom and Petite France!

For ferry to Nami Island, its cost 8,000 won per person.

To those that loveeeee extreme activities, you guys can try Zipline! Its cost 38,000 won.
I really frustrated af bcs i cant ride this thing. Pls guys. When travelling, you need to set on your mind that YOLO! 

17 November 2017 -  Day 8

This is compulsory okay! Shrimp Burger @ Lotteria Seoul Station

What I bought at Lotte Mart ;P

Its Dinner time @ Mabongnim Sindang


After :P

Dessert Time @ Sulbing Cafe

18 November 2017 -  Day 9

Brunch @ Busan Jib Restaurant Myeongdong


Its time for going back :)

19 November 2017 -  Day 10

Departure Time : 9.25am

The best Nasi Lemak ever! 

My mum took this photo aaaaa that time i miss her a lot urgh!

Thank you for reading/viewing! If any question to ask do ask me okay? Araso? Hehehe. This is my first time and I learnt from it. 2017 is the best year i think ;) 

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