Korea Trip 10D9N : Tips For First-Timer In Seoul

Hi guys! Today i'm gonna share a few tips for the first-timer in Seoul based on my previous experience. For any inquiries, do catch me Here :D

1) Subway will be your BFF

First of all, you guys need to learn about the main transportation in Korea. I think this is the easiest things ever! You guys can download apps Subway Korea in your phone. Korea is a well-develop country. Anywhere you wanna go, you can reach it by the public transport :D 

Second step is understand the lineexchange line and exit. The reason why you need to understand the exit number because it can straight away reach at your destination . Are you sure, you wanna walk along the street in a cold weather? 

Korea Subway Line

This is exit sign board. You will see this everywhere. For example, if you wanna go to Myeongdong Street, you can take subway at 
line 4 (Myeongdong Station) and Exit 6

Above is a maps of Myeongdong Station. To go to Myeongdong Street, you need to exit at number 6. What happened if you exit at number 1? =) This is the most important things if you dont want to waste your time and energy. Lagi lagi kita ni tak biasa dengan tempat dekat sana so you guys have to learn about this and dont worry, setiap station subway yang you guys turun ada maps besar untuk choose which one you guys nak exit ;)

What about other places? What is the exit number for other places? Do google them because i did it too :D Just google 'How to go to Dongdaemun Market'  and Google will give you the direction ;)

2) T-Money Card for Subway and Bus

Once you arrived at Incheon International Airport, you can purchase this T-Money Card at the airport convenience shop for 4000 won. And you need to topup the card at Airport Subway Station. Do take care of your card. Put it behind your phone for safety. How to topup the T-money? I dont have the video but you can search it on youtube! T-Money card can use for subway and bus. For ITX Train you need to purchase different ticket.

3) How to get Internet Connection In Seoul?

Internet connection is the most important things, especially for foreigners like me.
You guys have 3 options :-

a) Rent a pocket wifi 

You guys can rent a pocket wifi from your own country. In Malaysia, there is a shop at Mid valley and KLIA that have a services for pocket WiFi's rental which is Samurai Wifi. For Korea, they give unlimited data and RM20 per day. Besides that, you guys also can try Travel Recommend too!
Click the link for further info :)

In Korea, you guys can rent a pocket wifi at Incheon Airport under LG Router. Im not sure about the price but i saw it at Incheon Airport.

b) Buy a Internet Simcard

Second, I think this is the best choice, you guys can purchase the Internet Simcard at Incheon Airport but Im not sure about the limit and for 10 Days, i need to pay 38,000 won. And i regret that i didnt buy it....Em. But for safety especially for the first timer, i think Internet Simcard is the best, kotkot sesat senang nak google, waze semua :P

c) Olleh Wifi

This is Olleh Wifi card. You guys can buy it at any convenience shop like 7-Eleven and GS25 Store. For 1 Day (White Colour) at 3,300 won and 4 Days (Black Colour) at 9,900 won. How to use? There is a few steps behind your wifi card. And do purchase the black card so you can save your money here. To register your wifi, you guys can find 'olleh wifi' without password, at the subway station/ myeongdong street/ and other places.

Another tips i can give :  always on your wifi setting and you will see a lots of free wifi like '5G Seoul Free Wifi'. 'KT Free Wifi' So you guys can try connect it. Goodluck ;D

4) Accommodation 

Another tips are find a guest house/hotel that nearby with any subway station because it is easier for you to find the location especially on your arrival day. Yela dah la pestaim kang sesat kang :P

My guest house is located near subway Dongdaemun Station Exit 10. And just walk for 1 mins pastu nampak kedai wig belok kanan dah sampai :P

For 9 Nights, we paid RM500 per person for this guest house. I think its worth it. The host is very nice and friendly. You guys can try to contact/booking it by clicking Here.

opps sorry my messy room :P

5) Google Translate

For not-so-fanatic with Kpop like me lol :P you guys can download google translate apps. Mostly Korean people dont know how to speak english. If nak tanya ni dekat mana itu ini, just type dekat google translate (english to korea) and bagi diorang baca. Mostly dekat shopping mall, pekerja skincare or others, they dont know how to explain in english so they will type dekat phone diorang and bagi kita baca :D Dont worry, korean people is so friendly!

But you guys need to learn the basic phrases and words too okay?

6) Plan your Itinerary wisely

Okay for anyone that planning untuk short vacay like 5D4N, I suggest you guys google and arrange the activities betul betul. Dah penat saving and bayar everything mahal so dont waste time. Make sure you guys tak repeat pergi station yang sama banyak kali except for myeongdong, dongdaemun and seoul station. Dekat sini semua attraction untuk shopping so tak kisah la nak pergi banyak kali pun :P

For example : Day 1 you guys would like to go to nami island and Day 2 pergi petite france. DONT! Because nami island and petite france dah dekat and boleh straightaway naik shuttle bus! Araso?
Eventho i went for 10 days but my itinerary didnt well planned. But i still share it with you guys ;)

7) Money

For surely you guys need to saving ikat perut ikat la ape yang boleh as long as everything is enough. No money no talk? nope. No money no holiday!  Divide your money within 10 days. Make a list of your expenses. This is important guys, jangan seronok sangat sampai duit tak cukup untuk few days lagi. For surely you guys will jadi gila shopping dekat sana. Always check the currency rate and the most cheapest is located @ midvalley!

8) Dont be shy! Ask if you dont know

Be aggressive sikit, just ask if you dont know where is this, where i am, lol! Police also will help you. No one will touch you. Be friendly. Just. ASK! Thats all..

Im sharing with you guys because i think this is important tips when you travel especially without parents. Anyway for those who struggling on saving money, goodluck guys! :D and have fun!

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